Scene of Serenity

Helping the Body Heal the Soul


Healing harmonious balance to the body and soul for a better quality of life.





Giving brings more happiness to those we love when its genuine and thoughtful. Bring the gift of a massage straight to your loved ones this holiday season. With new prices that are now more affordable for a limited time for the mom on the go, or just the everyday hustle of living pay check to pay check, everyone deserves a little time for their own relaxation and time to heal this holiday!

Deep Tissue


Relieve minor aches and pains with a signature Deep Tissue massage which can help relieve acute and chronic pain using concentrated pressure to specific target areas.

Sports Therapy


For the intense athletes - soothe your aches and pains with a Sports massage, using both circulatory and structural integration techniques to smooth out even the toughest of knotted fascia.