Mobile massage


The key to a better quality of life is right in your living room.


Scene of Serenity uses all natural and all organic products, lotions and oils for each session. From Bio-tone creams for Deep tissue, to all natural muscle rubs with all organic ingredients for a more structural and concentrated technique. I use all natural, all organic, and hypo allergenic ingredients with no extra parabens or additives in all of my sugar scrubs, essential oils, and lotions which are safe to use for most skin types.

With the care and attention to detail, I strive for the ultimate massage and yoga relaxation; from the products I use, to the quality of massages I give to the private yoga experiences you can have right in your own home.

essential oils and biotone lotion

Massage and Yoga are an important part for maintaining a well balanced and better quality of life.


With a wide variety and range of integrated massage techniques as well as two different styles of Yoga, Scene of Serenity helps to enhance relaxation, increase flexibility, and to ease most chronic to acute pain.

Scene of Serenity is a mobile massage and private yoga practice, delivering the most optimal experience of not just professionalism and expertise, but genuine care and pride in the massage and yoga industry. By traveling directly to clients, Scene of Serenity encompasses an ideal atmosphere and ultimate comfort.


To book an appointment, simply call text or book online.