Sixty Minute Integrated Massage

Calm the mind and the body with a 60 minute massage. This particular session is targeted to help relax and rejuvenate with either a full body integrated massage or one main focal point for the full 60 minutes.


Ninety Minute Massage

Rejuvenate and recuperate with a structural or a relaxing session. This massage is specifically for those who need more than just an hour to focus on multiple troubled areas. A full 90 minute massage allows the therapist to concentrate pressure to alleviate tight muscles or just to fully enhance a Swedish massage for the ultimate relaxation.

Two Hour Integrated Massage

With a Two hour massage it is more than just integrated techniques for better circulation and tension relief, but it also incorporates stretching and breathing techniques to fully balance out physical and emotional stress for the optimal massage experience.



Couples Sixty Minute Massage

Indulge with a side by side massage with your significant other, family or friend to enhance relaxation together. With trained and knowledgeable therapists to alleviate tension that is specific to each of your needs.

Packages for Massage

Relax with a bundle and extra savings when you purchase 4 or more 60, 90, or 120 minute massages. Prices vary depending on location. All packages are added with a 20% gratuity, to fully enjoy and indulge in your massage worry free after every session.


Private Sixty Minute Yoga

A customized style of yoga that is sequenced specifically for each individual. Some sequencing is based on breath to movement, others are styled for mediation or yin style for connecting the mind and the body for a feeling of ultimate relaxation. This is specifically centered for maximum relief for every body, with an integrated massage technique to both balance the mind and bring awareness to the body.


Private Sixty Minute Hatha

Hatha is a slow yoga sequence that builds and tones the body. This sequence combines both breathing and holding of each pose to deepen the connection between mind and body for a feeling of strength, encouragement, and self love. It is the perfect way to elevate your spirit and get your body toned.


Private Sixty Minute Vinyasa

Vinyasa style yoga is a sequence based breath to movement flow, in which all poses are held for a single breath that fluidly and mindfully goes into the next pose. This is the perfect balance of both mind and body connection while also toning and getting your heart rate up. It’s a beautiful blend of stretching as well as a workout for building strength and connecting with your breathing.