Mobile Massage Services


Integrated sixty minute Massage

60 mins

Calm the mind and the body with a 60 minute massage. This particular session is targeted to help relax and rejuvenate with either a full body integrated massage or one main focal point for the full 60 minutes.

(first time In-home clients receive $15 off!)


Integrated ninety minute Massage

90 mins

Rejuvenate and recuperate with a structural or a relaxing session. This is massage is specifically for those who need more than just an hour to focus on multiple troubled areas. A full 90 minute massage allows the therapist to concentrate pressure to alleviate tight muscles or just to fully enhance a Swedish massage for the ultimate relaxation.


Integrated two hour Massage

120 mins

With a Two hour massage it is more than just integrated techniques for better circulation and tension relief, but it also incorporates stretching and breathing techniques to fully balance out physical and emotional stress for the optimal massage experience.


Two Sixty minute massages

120 minutes total

Combine two 60 minute massages for the temporary pain relief twice a month for one month, or for once a month for two months for a simple rehabilitation, or just to simply relax while on vacation.


Give a little more….


Luxurious Spa Day

120 minutes

For the stressed and overworked, and everything in between, the luxurious spa day does more for the entire body than to just relax and rejuvenate. To replenish yourself with an all over balance of both integration of a full body massage with warmed lotion, hot towels, essential oils, and a sugar scrub for either your hands and arms, or legs and feet. The best part is keeping a small package of a self-care box filled with everything to keep you in that same state of relaxation.


Gift Certificates

Massage Gifts starting at $135


What a better way than to indulge someone you love with a gift of massage. Sending, receiving and giving a gift as great as a massage encourages self-care, self love and overall well being.

Packages of 3 or more contact for pricing and availability.